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When God is alone
He talks to Himself
And miracles they happen
As if they’re done by someone else
And you know He don’t need your help

When Death has a slow day
He lingers on the pot
His mind starts to wander
And then He touches Himself just like you and me, everybody
and when He does it, He’s thinking about you
(about who?)
you, motherfucker


But I’m feeling like a cosmonaut
Alien on a pale blue dot
And I think it’s ‘cause I just forgot
That it’s so hard to try
You know it’s hard to try

Got me walking down a very fine line
Tracing back upon the origin of time
Trying to find, I’m trying something to find
But it’s so hard to find
You know it’s so goddamn hard to find

(woah woah woah)

All this time I’ve been looking for god
But it’s so hard to find
You know it’s hard to find