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Well, I had to get a job
(turning eighteen)
To feed my little daughter Nicole
(teen pregnancy)
But my town is so broke
To get health insurance
I had to join the armed forces
Now they got my on patrol
on those dusty roads
old dusty roads

Shaken awake in the middle of the night
All I see is the white of their eyes
They point a direction; they don’t say why
I think I might die tonight
I feel the flames; I hear the horizon
I think I might die tonight
Well, I’m not going without a fight
I grab my fire; I set it alight

Then I got some R&R
And they sent me back home
But my town is still broke
And this car is gonna explode
‘cause in my mind, I’m still on patrol
On those dusty roads
those dusty roads
I gave my life; I sold my soul
I left it behind on those old dusty roads


Well, then the war was over , or rather,
the conflict deescalated, yeah
They said “go on home, boy;
they don’t throw parades for heroes no more”
And I decided to follow that order
So I’m going home
(‘cause where else have I got to go?)

But Lewisberg, Ohio
Lewisberg, Ohio
Lewisberg, Ohio I roll (woah woah woah)

There ain’t nothing here but churches and gas stations
And a chain grocery fifteen miles away
Well, I can understand watching a little bit of television
But do you gotta do it all goddamn day?
I’m never leaving home
‘cause I ain’t got nowhere else to go

But Lewisberg, Ohio
Lewisberg, Ohio
Lewisberg, Ohio, baby

You gotta go local, baby
it’s the best you ever had
D.I.Y. artistan meth lab
Just gotta help the cook
and go to Walgreens
buy some Sudafed
And show your ID

‘cause Lewisberg, I was born and raised
Lewisberg, I’ve been drunk for days, oh yeah